Warszawa / Żoliborz / 6 Krechowiecka Street
  • Tenement house at 6 Krechowiecka Street, 2015, photo: M. Organiściak, Pańska Skórka

  • Janusz Durko during the German occupation, photo: family archive, POLIN Museum

  • Janina Durko, photo: family archive, POLIN Museum

  • Namesday card for Janusz Durko from the employees of the Social Building Enterprise, signed by heads of all the departments, photo: family archive, POLIN Museum

  • Janusz Durko, Warsaw, 2014, photo: J. Król, POLIN Museum

  • Janusz Durko’s account, 2014, POLIN Museum

The Durko Family

Janusz Durko worked at the Social Building Enterprise in Żoliborz. “Szymon Syrkus, a prominent architect, was my immediate supervisor. In these circles, nobody ended up in the ghetto, and nobody was reported. Once somebody asked me if we could provide shelter for Józef Gronka, an escapee from the ghetto in Radomsk”, recalls Janusz Durko. And so they did. Gronka was frequently visited by his brother, Feliks Tych, later the Director of the Jewish Historical Institute.

With time, more people turned up in the flat. Janina Durko, Janusz’ wife, used to produce women’s shoes together with Irena, a young woman who came to their house with her small son. A colleague of a friend of the Durkos, an actor, worked at the tyre centre. All of a sudden, the house became packed. The Durko family moved to Bielany, but they continued providing for the people hiding in Krechowiecka Street.

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