Warszawa / Ochota / 58 Raszyńska Street
  • Tenement house at 58 Raszyńska Street, 2015, photo: A. Barański, Pańska Skórka

  • Tenement house at 58 Raszyńska Street, 2015, photo: A. Barański, Pańska Skórka

  • Hanna Taborska de domo Popowska, photo: POLIN Museum

  • Stanisław Popowski, 1948, photo: family archive, POLIN Museum

  • Halina Taborska’s account, 2010, POLIN Museum

The Popowski Family

„We were renting a 6 bedroom apartment”, recalls Hanna Taborska de domo Popowska. “My father, a pediatrician, had a surgery with the view across to the Pole Mokotowskie park”.

Since 1939, the Popowskis shared the apartment with its owners. “It was very crowded: relatives from Gdańsk and Łódź, patients; classes of the underground course and scout meetings were held there. Ms Oksner, who was hiding at our neighbours’, would pop in to bake cheesecakes for sale together with my mum.”

All the doors in the apartment were glazed which did not encourage conspiratorial activity. Moreover, Ms Grzybowska, the landlady, used to spend hours on the telephone in the entrance hall where the bathroom was located. Ms Taborska recites a short rhyme she had once composed: “If you need a hideout/come over to our place/you will enjoy your time with us/but you must not use the loo/as Grzybcia Jania sits there, too.”

“Bianka Perlmutter was my school friend. She used to call me from the ghetto, send me letters, we even met in the courthouse buildings on Leszno Street”, says Hanna. “My dad collected her from the spot behind the ghetto wall which had been pre-arranged with Bianka’s father. He brought birth certificate forms from a parish church in Wilno. Bianka took the name Janina Marzec.”

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