Warszawa / Praga / corner of Kowieńska and Kowelska Streets
  • Tenement building on Kowieńska Street, photo: J. Paluch, Pańska Skórka

  • A façade detail from the tenement house on Kowieńska Street, photo: J. Paluch, Pańska Skórka

  • The Filipowskis with their daughters, photo: family archive, POLIN Museum

  • Natalia Laor Piotrowska with husband and sons, photo: family archive, POLIN Museum

  • Zdzisława Trzebiecka, photo: POLIN Museum

The Filipowski Family

In the spring, a girl named Natalia came to the store owned by the Filipowskis. She belonged to a group of workers from the ghetto. “An armed Jewish policeman brought them to their workplace. Through the Kierbedź bridge, to Grochowska Street, opposite the Wedel factory”, recalls Zdzisława Trzebiecka de domo Filipowska. “The girl had an address of a woman from the neighbourhood. The woman used to go away a lot, so the girl did not find her. We felt sorry for her, and mum said she could stay with us.”

Zdzisława arranged to meet Natalia the following day. “I waited by the bridge end, on the embankment, at the spot where the ground dropped furthest towards the Wisła River. They walked in pairs. Natalia walked at the end, by herself. The policeman who was walking at the back moved two, three people to the front. I joined her. She then pulled off her armband and we ran to the side, among the trees, and quickly mingled with the crowd”, recounts Zdrzisława Trzebiecka.

“We told mum’s family that she was dad’s cousin, and dad’s family that she was mum’s. We told our clients that she had come from the Lwow region.”

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