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The global migration crisis is affecting more than 60 million people, including 20 million refugees and internal refugees. From Syria alone, since the outbreak of the civil war, nearly 5 million people have fled. We present here selected organizations that work for victims of wars, conflicts and persecutions.

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Migration crisis

In the years 2015-2016, the largest number of refugees arrived in Europe since World War Two. Amongst them, there are immigrants from North and East Africa, Near East (including Syria), Eastern Europe and the Caucasus – the areas where wars are being waged and people are being persecuted. The member states of the European Union are obliged to provide shelter to the people applying for a ‘refugee’ status (in line with the Geneva Convention). This law, together with the economic situation and the fact that all the borders within the EU are open, make Europe an ideal destination of the dramatic and often extremely perilous wanderings of the refugees.

Faced with high numbers of migrants, the European Union found itself lacking suitable procedures of accepting refugees, which in turn resulted in chaos and decline in member states’ willingness to provide aid to asylum seekers. That led to decline in solidarity within the Union with regard to the impending crisis. The largest number of refugees turned up in the border states, such as Greece and Italy, as well as Turkey which is a non-EU country, thus posing a major problem for their governments.


Caritas Polska is a charity run by the Conference of the Episcopate of Poland. It supports the socially excluded, protecting their dignity and rights. […] Migrants and refugees are also looked after by Caritas, which runs Migrants and Refugees Help Centres and a ‘Family to Family’ programme dedicated to the victims of civil war in Syria.

《 Caritas Polska

An informal initiative to assist refugees on the Balkan route. Volunteers, apart from the organizing found-raising and goods collections, provided direct assistance at border crossings and camps in the Balkans and in Greece.

《 Photo: Inicjatywa Dobrowolki

International non-governmental organisation based on the premise that all people retain the right to medical care. The organisation aims at providing help in conflict zones as well as in cases of medical emergencies such as epidemics. Its members are medical doctors, employees of the health care sector and others who support the organisation’s aims.

《 Photo: Doctors Without Frontiers

PAH mission is to alleviate human suffering resulting from natural disasters and armed conflicts – regardless of their nationality, ethnic origin, religion or political views. Currently, it runs missions in South Sudan, Somalia, Syria, Ukraine, and Iraq.

《 South Sudan, 2015. Photo: Maciej Moskwa

The Centre provides humanitarian, developmental and rescue aid throughout the world. The PCPM is helping thousands of Syrian refugees in Lebanon and internal refugees in Ukraine, moreover it carries out a number of development assistance projects in Ethiopia, Kenya, Georgia, and Palestine. An integral part of the foundation, the PCPM Rescue Team, consisting of experienced medical rescuers and physicians, provides medical and humanitarian assistance to victims of armed conflicts and natural disasters.

《 Photo: Polskie Centrum Pomocy Międzynarodowej (PCPM)

The worldwide humanitarian and development organization collects funds to support refugee and migrants’ children in Europe. It ensures their access to medical, food, water, sanitary, educational and protective services.

Free Syria, through Legis, a partner NGO, supports refugees in Macedonia. Received funds are used for purchasing basic goods, which are distributed on site by the Legis group volunteers.

《 Photo: Fundacja Wolna Syria